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Internet Defamation by Doziers Internet Law

In this video he brings up some very interest points. One that I thought particularly interesting is the argument that websites are not liable for what is on there website. They are all hiding behind the communications decency act which was originally too broad to begin with but that the
courts are trying to define rules and regulations around it so that websites be held liable in certain instances.
Watch it!

Corporate Reputation Management in a Google-Dominated World

By now, you have probably been, or know someone who has been, the victim of an online attack, bad review or bad press about their company. What are companies to do when internet users have every opportunity they want to scream at the top of their lungs for the entire world to hear. It is hard enough to build the philosophy and vision of a product or service, it is harder to make certain that one employee, competitor or customer does not ruin your corporate reputation because he or she had a bad day or simply doesn’t care. Google finds everything, and will only get better at it.