Corporate Reputation Management in a Google-Dominated World


By now, you have probably been, or know someone who has been, the victim of an online attack, bad review or bad press about their company. What are companies to do when internet users have every opportunity they want to scream at the top of their lungs for the entire world to hear. It is hard enough to build the philosophy and vision of a product or service, it is harder to make certain that one employee, competitor or customer does not ruin your corporate reputation because he or she had a bad day or simply doesn’t care. Google finds everything, and will only get better at it.


Brand Control in the search engines should scare every owner and corporate officer of a company, to the point that they lose sleep at night. What steps is your company taking to control as much brand space on the Internet to defend and respond to future attacks which are inevitably going to happen.


A bad customer experience is the least of your worries. Most of the incidents that we deal with (and have been victim to ourselves) is an aggressive competitor or disgruntled employee that has the passion and drive to make sure your brand is destroyed online.  It is free to do and takes a few minutes a day to dedicate to the task. The worst part about it is that the can do it anonymously and almost impossible to find.


Control what Google has to say about your company with these 5 simple steps:


  1. Good Press, and often – Make sure to consistently put out everything you can about your company in Blog post, Press releases, Facebook, twitter and anything else you can think about.
  2. Link to this content from your properties. If you have a new piece of news, link to it from your corporate site. Google will find the new news much quicker.
  3. Update your social media profiles at least once a week. Google will love this new data and reward you for it.
  4. Set a Google Alert around you companies products and service names to see, in real time, what others are saying about you.
  5. Offer up free content for other Blogs. The Blog owners will appreciate the free content, your brand will have another great page online.


Or of this is something that you need outsourcing, hire a good online reputation management company. ☺

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